Todays post is all about Morphe and their amazingly buttery eyeshadow palettes. There’s so many on the market these days that it could be a little confusing and overwhelming on which one you should purchase. Morphe is one of the highest reviewed makeup brands and with their affordability everyone who’s looking for on fleek eye makeup should own one of these palettes.

I’ve narrowed it down to six different and unique eyeshadow palettes to help your decision a little simpler!



35B Color Burst palette

If you love experimenting with colour to show your bold, creative personality then you need the 35B Color Burst Artistry Palette. With 35 bright pigments to enjoy from sunshine yellow to neon green, the palette allows you to be as creative as you possible want too be and you’ll be surprised at how richly pigmented every shade is in this palette.


35G Bronze Goals

With 35 gorgeous neutral bronze shades, you can create anything from casual to glam using this one palette. These shadows have a creamy, highly pigmented consistency which are super blend-able. There’s a mix of finishes in the palette from metallic, shimmer and matte.


35R Ready, Set, Gold

Similar to the 35G Bronze Goals palette mentioned above, this palette has more richer deeper bronze shades. The mix of mattes and shimmers that range from dark chocolate with standout metallic, shades of polished copper and true gold.


3503 Fierce By Nature

This palette has 35 unstoppable shades from wild sizzlin’ reds, vibrant greens and jaw-dropping glitter to create fierce looks. Although there’s an amazing range of colour, there’s also a great selection of neutral shades for those bronze days.


39S Such A Gem

Are you in need of a palette that screams sassy pinks and stunning purples? Then this is the palette for you! With 39 rich vibrant hues, including 7 super-sized silk slip toppers and a mix of sheer to glitter finishes.


39A Dare To Create

With four rows of the perfect colour combos and a row of super-sized transition shades, this palette is not to be used lightly. From mattes to shimmers you can create your own masterpiece with these amazingly pigmented creamy shadows.

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