Bored during isolation? Same. That bored I’m taking a personality test, can it be that accurate? I’m intrigued…

When it comes to questions I tend to over analyse the simplicity of it. Like this one, ‘you enjoy vibrant social events with lots of people’ Do I? I mean it really depends on the situation, who’s there? People you love or maybe celebrities? maybe it’s just my imagination that takes over… But really do I enjoy busy social events? I’m not sure and yet at the start it seemed like such a simple question. I’ll just go with – slightly agree. I mean after all Michael Jackson isn’t going to rise from the dead just to be at a social event with Chloe Wright, a 23 year old from Yorkshire!

Here’s one which I can answer 100% honestly, ‘you often think about what you should have said in a conversation long after it has taken place.’ YES, yes I do that all the time! But who doesn’t? Do you? Whoever you may be reading this sadly written diary-type blog. Strongly agree. Next question.

‘People can rarely upset you.’ Disagree..

’You often rely on other people to be the ones to start a conversation and keep it going.’ Actually I disagree on this one, I tent to start conversations and try my best to be there for others as much as I can. Respect given is often received. Is a quote I’d like to live by but is often not correct.

’You are still bothered by the mistakes you made a long time ago.’ Of course, I’ve made some terrible choices in my life. From bad relationships, trusting idiotic people who didn’t deserve my time or patience. I have a habit of letting people close too me walk over me, again and again even when I know it’s going to happen. Guess that’s the price you pay when you’re an understanding drama-free human being.

‘When looking for a movie to watch, you can spend ages browsing the catalog.’ Doesn’t everyone on the planet? There’s too many choices and streaming sites nowadays. If I cant decide on a movie I resort to an oldie but a goodie like Clueless or.. wow I can’t even think of another one, Clueless it is!

‘When you sleep, your dreams tend to be bizarre and fantastical.’ ALWAYS! I have such weird dreams or nightmares, sometimes. I still remember one I had about a month ago, so creepy! Did you know the people you see in your dreams are people you’ve come across irl. Either that odd looking guy you saw yesterday at the shop or the toddler that wouldn’t stop staring at you from across the street, like you offended her by being alive. Why do kids do that?

‘You usually prefer to get your revenge rather than forgive.’ Hmm, again it depends on the situation and how hurt I was. Growing up I always thought being angry and getting revenge was the only way I could get by the disappointment and hurt made by others but now I’m older I’ve realised that isn’t the case at all. If anything you’ll just be making yourself miserable over someone else’s silly actions, there’s no point in that. I think you somehow have to get that situation and person out of your head and put your concentration into something you love doing like crafts or photography.

60 questions down and the results are in.. my personality type is Protagonist, not bad. So according to the results I’m 56% extraverted, hmm maybe that’s somewhat accurate. 55% intuitive and 45% observant, 53% feeling (how I make decisions and cope with emotions).

Protagonists are vulnerable to another snare, they have a tremendous capacity for reflecting on and analysing their own feelings but can get caught up in other person’s plight in which they can develop an emotional hypochondria. Aside from trying to figure out other peoples problems, protagonists are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk. Woo!

According to the site other protagonists I may know are people such as, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack and Ben Affleck. No bad, no bad at all.

If anyone is still reading this and you’d like to take the personality test click the link below!

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