I received a notification for this beauty box when it got released on their site and I had to order it right then as I hadn’t tried out these products in the past. It’s presented in a beautifully designed box and includes 5 items. EGF Serum, Liquid Highlighter in ‘Liquid Luminous Gold’, Flawless 4 Eyeshadow Palette, Ultra Pro Glow Highlighter Palette and a Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit in ‘Reign’ all for £12! The EGF Serum is £10 alone, if the products were bought separately it would cost £38.

The main product that I found very intriguing was the EGF Serum. This claims to condition the skin, rehydrate and encourages a radiant complexion. My skin does struggle most of the time with breakouts and dryness so I hope this will help. I’ve used this product a few times and so far I’m loving it! I was worried it wouldn’t sink into the skin and I’d just have an oily face all day however it does sink in and it’s very hydrating. 9/10

The second item I was excited for was the Liquid Luminous Gold Highlighter. When I first saw it on the ASOS site I didn’t take much notice in the shade however when I opened it I knew it was going to be too dark for my VERY pale skin tone but it will NOT go to waste.. I plan on mixing it with a foundation or using it as an eyeshadow base. As you can see the pigmentation is 100% there and the formula is very lightweight. 9/10

TBH I wasn’t too bothered about the Flawless 4 Eyeshadow Palette as it’s mainly neutrals and I have plenty of other similar ones. However it’s a very affordable palette and it also has a handy full sized mirror inside. The eyeshadows have great pigmentation, the formula is buttery but it does have fallout, personally this does not bother me but I know some people dislike it. All in all I’d give this palette 8/10.

If you absolutely love highlighters and don’t want to break the bank then I’d highly recommend this Ultra Pro Glow Highlighter Palette. You get 8 highlighters in various shades. The formula is very creamy and pigmented. 8/10



I’ve only tried 1 other of their Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kits so I was intrigued to try out a Matte Lip Kit. The shade that comes in this set is called ‘Reign’ it’s a pretty wearable pink shade. The lip liner is creamy and glides nicely on the lips without pulling or tugging. The liquid lipstick has an easy applicator which helps you line the lips and fill in easily without making a mess. It dries instantly into a matte finish however I found that it felt slightly drying and almost cakey – quite uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just picky when it comes to matte lip products but I wouldn’t recommend this. For the retail price of £6 for 2 products it’s not a bad price but it’s still not worth the money, you might as well purchase a lip liner by itself. 3/10


I hope you enjoyed this review… please comment any suggestions you’d like me to post about in the future!

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  1. Hey Chloe, I’m not gonna lie I really want this after reading your review!! Do you have a link? The lip kit looks really good. I’m not one to buy expensive face products, but the serum is good and I wouldn’t mind trying it out since the bundle is cheap xx

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